You know what, y'all ain't ready for this!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, has confirmed that this is not to be. Head over there for more info.

It's been a long LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG time comin', yes it has!

KHOP @ 95-1 breaks the hottest new music first!

We just heard from Mariah's team that KHOP can expect a copy of her new single Tuesday, long before other radio stations and iTunes will have it!

So be listening Tuesday for Mariah Carey's new single. And to other radio stations around the country, be ready to record it from K-HOP since you won't have it!

Thanks to Jeezblah!

Jasmine Juice: Jas the jetsetter

So after the snowy Christmas antics of Aspen, we lived up New Year in Vegas and then MC (Mariah) took us on the third and final part of our adventure

Except it wasn't.

We flew out of Vegas on New Year's Day to spend a few days in the Bahamas at Mariah's new, yet still uncompleted beach-front home. As we landed at the privately owned international airport, and were whisked from the plane through customs, I decided that I could get used to feeling this VIP-ish! This annual taste of the good life is the best! ...Continued

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Discussing Mariah

If Mariah re-recorded her debut album, what would be your ideas?

The Rebirth Experience's wish list includes a modern recording of Vision Of Love being produced by James Wright and Johnta Austin revamping Love Takes Time.

Fabulous mcfan, Maggie, says she would find it more interesting if Mariah's latest works like The Emancipation Of Mimi had a reworking by earlier producers such as Ben Margulies and Walter Afanasieff.


Baby, Believe Me It's Only A Matter Of Time

Well, we're about three months past the original expected release date of Mariah's new album 'That Chick'. The wait is painful.

According to, the wait should be over come Tuesday this week as the 29th is the radio impact date for the lead single - a three way probability between That Chick, Migrate and Touch My Body.

All reviews so far from international listening sessions have been about 99% positive. This just makes the waiting even more killer!

Perhaps we've been too spoiled by Mariah in the past so we should allow her and her team time to make sure everything is ready and set to go. Behind all the theories of this and that, I'm quite sure there's a method to all the madness.

I do honestly feel we're nearing the end of the long, dry spell. If I was a betting man, I'd be throwing down a few bucks on the end of this week resulting in the single hitting the airwaves. I'd also put money on my ass going into hiding if nothing happens.

Whatever happens, when that song hits, I think it will hit hard and fast. Mariah's coming back (I didn't call it that!) and we're all still here happily waiting for her to bring it.

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